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  We offer you the unique concept                    "Make it yourself"

   You can create your own perfum           according to your taste !

 You want it as Perfume Oil or Eau      de Parfum? It's your choice

   It can be a great personalised gift   by carring your name or any other                   text that you like.

   It can be also a very good gift for   weddings or any special occasion

          Creat great memories !

We offer you original, premium 

Perfumes with reasonable prices

from very famous Brands in the Middle East!

Discover the new Oriental and Western 

lines !

We brought you at a click distance
the ancient sensuality and beauty secrets of the Middle East
       Try the special Bukooor !
          Is a perfumed incense                well known as  a wonderful  
 room  freshner. Its having the great properties of kicking away   the bad spirits and negative                                energy.
     Known and used in ancient    Egyptians times by the Gods                    and now by you !
Free Shipping in Germany up 50 Euro

We complete the Beauty

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